Icares offers two main products, Icares Study and Icares Professional.

Icares Study
Icares Study is the international portal for (future) students to search within an international range of courses and find the right one! It is the most complete and up-to-date service in the field of education, listing about 50.000 courses in 123 countries, making it the biggest and most complete course finder in the Netherlands.

Our portal is connected to the free ‘Choice of study test’, which helps (future) students to make a well-founded choice of study. This test is easy to find on the website and takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete and returns a list of courses sequenced to the interests of the student.

For educational institutions Icares offers several benefits. Like student being able to be find your courses more easily or an ‘Choice of study test’ and webpage in complete in the style of your institution. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested or if you want more information. You can call us on +31(0)40-2395590 or send an email to

Icares Professional
Icares Professional is a web-based platform for career guidance. It facilitates guidance professionals to help their clients make the right choice of career. It is a unique and user-friendly tool for every organisation dealing with career guidance and guidance in education. It broadens the knowledge about career opportunities, education potential and generates important information about attitude and preference in study and occupation. Invite your clients to complete tests and give them the opportunity of self-research. Icares Professional adds to your professionalism in the fields of career guidance, counseling, consulting and guidance in education.

Icares offers demo accounts to organisations or private guidance counselors who are interested in exploring the tool unlimited, free of charge and without any further obligation. To sign up for your demonstration account, please click here .